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Auto Gas Rice Lake | Northwoods Propane - Auto Gas

For customers new to propane, the term "auto gas" might cause a bit of confusion when looking for local dealers and great bargains.

Propane For Sale Rice Lake Rice Lake | Northwoods Propane - Propane For Sale Rice Lake

Customers looking for propane for sale need look no further than Northwoods Propane. We're one of the oldest and most seasoned providers...

Tank Leasing Rice Lake | Northwoods Propane - Tank Leasing

Though it's not unheard of for propane to be used as a routine cooking gas in Wisconsin homes, it's far more likely that our customers...

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Whether it's to heat the home and operate gas stoves, or merely to power outdoor grills that dominate the landscape during summer, we understand that Rice Lake customers need affordable propane refills that can easily fit within their budget. That's why we've spent our time in the industry working to be more efficient, more affordable, and more accessible to people throughout the area. We promise to meet any budget with our affordable propane products, and we're determined to do everything we can to serve each of our customers and their unique needs.

While propane itself might be a highly efficient gas that can work both indoors and outdoors; its’ storage mechanisms are hardly efficient and lightweight. Indeed, one of the most common complaints that we hear from our customers is that their storage tanks are too heavy, too large, and simply too awkward for long-term storage. When the size and weight of a tank becomes a problem, we encourage customers to use our rental services. We ask that our customers pay for the tank only when they need it, saving them time, money, and space in the process. It's part of our unique and enhanced commitment to great customer service.